Pet Memorial Services

Clive is an experienced celebrant, specialising in personalised services that truly reflect the one you loved. I aim to ensure that your loved one is honoured appropriately and will spend time with you if you like, to ensure that the service is as unique as your companion.

Cookie was a very central part of our family

Clive believes we share our lives with our animals and their death can be as significant as that of any human we have cared for. Clive fondly remembers the special ceremonies of his much-loved pets, it is important to pay tribute and say goodbye as we endeavour to heal.

My love of literature and music means I encourage readings and songs and is also happy to incorporate religion and spirituality if it offers comfort to those bereaved.

A pet is not a pet but a member of the family. I hope to inspire you to honour them as such.

If you would like to discuss your service with me/Clive do not hesitate to contact me at prices of £150.