Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies, Why Wouldn’t You?! Many people here in the UK don’t know too much about naming ceremonies, and that’s okay. As a celebrant, I understand it’s not a regular thing here, but I’d like to state that it’s still important. People might not often know what I mean when I say this, but that’sContinue reading “Naming Ceremonies”

What Are My Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar?

All of the weddings postponed in the UK from last year are slated for this year. That means that registrars have a backlog of legal marriage registrations right now, making them next to impossible to get. If you’ve had to reschedule your wedding and are trying to set a new date but can’t find aContinue reading “What Are My Options If I Can’t Find A Registrar?”

Sequel Weddings in Covid times

Have you been hearing about sequel weddings and wondering what they are? Well I’m here to answer that question today. It’s a large celebration, blessing or ceremony that a couple has after a much smaller intimate wedding ceremony. Sequel weddings are becoming increasing popular nowadays. They are being promoted by many celebrants and the momentumContinue reading “Sequel Weddings in Covid times”